Grave Memorials

Larcombe Memorials have a range of grave memorials for Lidcombe.

Choosing a grave memorial can be a difficult and personal decision. It’s important that you and your family feel well supported. Larcombe Memorials understand the importance of customer care in such situations. We are experienced professionals, adept at making our customers feel they can make a considered choice, taking consolation in the tribute they carefully prepare with our assistance.

To assist you in your decision, we have a gallery of grave memorials, so you can get the best idea of your preferences, before customising a grave memorial suitable to you and your loved one’s needs.

Larcombe Memorials strive to provide a grave memorial that will truly honour your loved one. We have a range of styles, colours, and stone types. We understand that choosing a grave memorial is a chance for you to express the individuality of your loved one, to celebrate them and the life they lived to the fullest. Whatever you have in mind, Larcombe Memorials are here to listen to your needs.

Our grave memorial range consists of kerbed surrounds. A base stone is placed over the kerbs at the grave head. This supports the headstone. A granite slab covers the grave. Customers perusing our gallery will note the versatile range of styles and forms.