Lawn Monuments

These are headstone and base only monuments, mounted onto a concrete beam. Lawn monuments are available in many different styles and can be as large as desired (one, two, three, or four inscriptions per headstone is usual, but more can be catered for). Photo’s and etchings can also be added to the face of the headstone as well as an assortment of decorative engravings. Vases and other accessories can be mounted to the base of a headstone on request.

Full Monuments

Also known as Kerbed Monuments, this type of work can have the same types of headstones as lawn monuments but they also have a kerbing which borders the grave area. Kerbing can be done in many different styles and types of stone, see our gallery below to view some examples.

Other Monumental Services

We also specialise in crypts, tombs and vaults. We are able to complete any monumental related structure whether it be large or small scale.

View our Monument Gallery

To view a full range of monuments please visit our gallery. If you like the look of any monument within the gallery, be sure to note the image name and number towards the top of the page, then proceed to let us know through our contact page so we can provide a quote and further advice. For a more accurate quote please view our stone page and select a colour/stone type as well.