With a Larcombe stone engraving Lidcombe and surrounding residents can both mark the gravesite and leave a tribute to their departed loved ones or friends. A stone engraving is an important way to remember those we have loved. Both the script and the font chosen can be designed to express individuality and celebrate a life well lived.

A Wide Variety of Marble & Granite Stone

We have wide variety of marble and granite stone styles to suit your taste.

Only Top Quality Stone

We only import top quality stone from our sources around the globe. This collection of stones are our most popular choices, if you have a stone preference that is not featured in our gallery then please feel free to contact us, so we can order it in for you.

Using the Gallery

Click on any stone to get a larger view, you can then use the left and right arrow keys or click the next and previous buttons on the side of the image to scroll through the gallery. Click the close button or anywhere on the side of the screen to exit the gallery.